About Me

I’m Mr M, I’m passionate about History, historical landmarks and Jane Austen. I decided to set up a blog as an outlet for my obsessions and after becoming a member of the National Trust, a way to write about my experiences at national trust properties.

My ideal career would be with a heritage organisation such as the National Trust and English Heritage, and think it a fine idea to visit as many of these places as possible, write about them and with any luck force them into giving me a job.

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  1. Hello, I am a bit of a history, buildings and Jane Austen buff too – and living near Telford! Also a Mr M! (Well, a Dr M, actually!!! But I don’t want a job – ever again! I am working on Powis Castle – maybe a book – among many others. Take a look at Garth Hall – now sadly demolished – here http://www.coflein.gov.uk/en/site/29204/details/garth-hall#images I am just completing the definitive history of this one. Cheers for sharing the pics!

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