Aberystwyth Castle

Being a graduate of Aberystwyth and visiting the town with friends I thought it only fair that I dedicate a series of mini blog-posts dedicated to a few of the special features, the first of which being Aberystwyth Castle.

Aberystwyth Castle

Aberystwyth Castle

The castle was built in the late thirteenth century during the first Welsh war and was once ranked as one of the greatest in Wales. Today unfortunately, the castle is little more than a ruin.

Whilst perusing the Ceredigion Museum, I happened upon a model of the Castle and town walls, which shows how extensive the castle walls were.

 Model of Aberystwyth Castle

Model of Aberystwyth Castle

The castle walls extend to where the Rummers Wine Bar is now located, on Bridge Street, next to the bridge over to Penparcau. On the seafront, the walls would have extended just past the pier.

Aberystwyth Today

Aberystwyth Today

A Little History

The building of Aberystwyth Castle began in 1277 following Edward I’s defeat of Llywelyn Gruffydd, and took twelve years to complete.

Aberystwyth Castle had a number functions during the Medieval/Early Modern periods. Between 1404 and 1407 the castle was captured by Owain Glyndwr and became a stronghold for the Welsh Government, before being recaptured in 1408. In 1415, the castle served as a prison for four French prisoners. In 1637, King Charles I established a royal mint at Aberystwyth Castle, before the English Civil War.

In 1649, the castle was destroyed as part of Oliver Cromwell’s policy of slighting castles following the Civil War. Much of the stone that made up the castle was taken and used by locals. All that is left of Aberystwyth Castle is the inner and middle walls.

The Ruins

Below are a selection of photos of the Aberystwyth Castle ruins.

The Bardic Circle

North Tower Gateway and Bardic Circle

The Bardic Circle is a collection of 13 stones set in a circle in 1916. These represent the old pre-1974 counties of Wales.

Just a short blog post today, internet connection troubles, exploring Aberystwyth and preparing for another eventful night of Aber, has left little time for a comprehensive update. Part two of the “A trip down memory lane” series will about the Old College university building on the seafront.

Updated 20/05/2012

The sun graced us with its presence today, and so below are a selection of sunny photos of Aberystwyth Castle.



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